Wishes Do Come True!

In my previous post about Yonah, I mentioned that rumor has it…, that Apple would launch its first Mactel product line in the forms of iBook and Mac Mini. But I did wish that it would be ‘Powerbook’ instead (I put ‘Powerbook’ in quote because once it’s powered with Intel, the Power will be gone or so it will mislead people to think that it’s still powered with PowerPC chip). And so my first wish came true, and it manifests fabulously in MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

Check out its inside here, it’s quite awesome. Although it came with a little downside, a hefty price tag, especially in Apple Store Australia. The price of 15.4-inch: 1.67GHz (MA090LL) and 15.4-inch: 1.83GHz (MA091LL) models are AUD$ 3,199 and AUD$ 3,999 respectively. Even when you take out 10% GST portion from these price tags, they’re still as high as AUD$ 2,908 and AUD$ 3,635. This is a big price to ask for Australian consumer, considering that 1.67GHz model only priced at USD$ 1,999 and 1.83GHz model at USD$ 2,499 in United States. You can use the online ‘almost’ real-time currency converter at XE.com to compare the price, the results are quite stagerring, in favor of US prices. Geeeess, everything is so expensive here in down-under.

These MacBook Pro units will start shipping next month, so I will see if people trying to dual-boot Mac OS-X with Windows have smooth or nightmarish experience. I can’t wait to get my hand on this beauty. 😀

Update: in case you don’t know which company obtained the tender to manufacture MacBook Pro, it’s Quanta Computer Inc. It’s the world’s biggest laptop maker by the way, producing laptops for big brands like HP and Dell. And yes, it’s Chinese. You’ll be surprised to learn how good Chinese products can be!

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