Brace Yourself for Nyxem Virus

From ZDNet, here are the facts for the next big worm to hit us:

  • The Nyxem virus was first reported on 16 January. These machines are now hard-coded to propagate the virus on 3 February.
  • Nyxem propagates itself by harvesting e-mail addresses on an infected machine and as a network worm. Hence more additional emails and network traffics, and possible slow down e-mail response time.
  • Nyxem will delete all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF file types from a compromised PC.

So brace yourself, update your Antivirus signature, and don’t be gullible by opening those socially engineered e-mails. Like the T-Shirt said: “Social Engineering: because there’s no patch for human stupidity”, therefore don’t be stupid.

Posted on January 27, 2006, in IT Bull-Sheet. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

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