Dell 2405FPW 24″ Widescreen LCD Bargain!

Be hasty, Dell 2405FPW 24″ Widescreen LCD monitor is on special from Dell Australia website, offered for a stunning AUD$1,337 only (offer ends 6-Feb-06). It’s a massive saving of AUD$462. I’ve been monitoring special offers from Dell Australia for this monitor for the past 12 months, and this has been the lowest price I’ve seen so far. Not sure if it’s related with the recent release of Dell 3007WFP 30″ Widescreen LCD monitor.

Dell 2405FPW Picture

My housemate bought it last September on a special price for AUD$1,350; so at AUD$1,337, it’s definitely a bargain not to be missed if you’re dreaming of indulging your eyes with this beautiful piece of engineering and increasing productivity. It’s true, this is not a hogwash! The reason why I’ve been wanting this monitor so badly is because small and 4:3 aspect ratio monitor is driving me crazy when coding, I just don’t have enough space! At home, I have a set up of dual 17″ LCD monitors side by side, each @ 1280×1024 resolution, which gives me a total of 2560×1024 pixels; but the fact that they are not 1 screen and there’s an annoying gap in the middle really bothers me. But of course, I have a restraining order from my wife to stay away from this beauty while we’re still in Australia due to the foreseen expensive cargo price (yes, we’re moving out of Aussie very soon, but don’t know exactly when…).

But if you’re going to stay in Aussie, buy this thing. You won’t regret it. I don’t get paid by Dell to advertise their monitors, but I must admit that 24″ 16:10 aspect ratio monitor at that price is really really tempting; you just won’t get it from any other manufacturers, not Apple (Cinema Display), and not even Samsung (the maker of the LCD panel for Dell 2405FPW).

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  1. buy buy buy and indulge yourself. i heard it’s better than sex.

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