Steelcase Leap It Is!

After enduring 3.5 years of poor-ergonomic chairs provided in the office and developing a pretty bad back as a result, I decided to take matter into my own hands. Enough is enough. My back is just getting worst each day and I don’t know whether I can last 8 hours on a chair by the time I’m 30 at this rate. Herman Miller Aeron chair has been pretty much my dream chair all this time, until last night I was enlightened by breathtaking design of Steelcase Leap chair. In a glimpse, Steelcase Leap looks like regular office chair, but wait until you see how adjustable it is. You can basically adjust and customize every aspect of the chair and the supports it provide: seat height, seat depth, upper back force, lower back firmness, adjustable arms, back stop, flexible seat edge, and lumbar support height. That’s something that Aeron chair won’t be able to provide in a single product.

You see, there’s something about Aeron chair that a lot of people do not know. Aeron chair comes with 3 different sizes (A, B, C). If you buy the wrong size, there’s a chance you won’t feel the maximum comfort and support that you should get from an Aeron. The size you need depends on your height and your height distribution (you know, some people are tall because they have long legs, but sometimes they’re tall because they’ve long spine). The Aeron also comes in 3 different basic configurations, the Basic Aeron (Aeron with less back support), Aeron Lumbar (lower back support), and Aeron PostureFit (best back support). If you want to upgrade from Basic to Lumbar, you need to generously add an extra $200 to your budget. Now, I already have a dilemma choosing the size, since I’ll be sharing the chair with wifey. She’s 155 cm (5’1″) tall, while I’m close to 180 cm (5’11”); which according to this chart, she’ll fit better on A-sized Aeron, while I’ll need a B-sized Aeron. Tough, either the Aeron will spoil me or her, can’t make both of us equally happy. Buying 2 Aerons will solve the problems, but I don’t plan to fund any start-up anytime soon. If getting the size is not problematic enough, how about the level of back support we need? My back is worse than hers, but she’ getting there. So what should we choose? Basic is definitely out, so it’s either Lumbar or PostureFit, which are equally pricey.

Steelcase Leap ChairSo in short, Aeron does not answer our cry for a super chair that will work best for both of us, but Leap does! Leap has one size fits all philosophy due to its superb adjustability. Leap is a result of 4 years research involving 25 scientists and 200 participants (read: human “guinea pigs”), of which testing concluded in overall of 17.8% increase in work productivity (for people who sat on Leap and received office ergonomics training). Most people who have tried both Aeron and Leap have tendency to pick Leap. The warranty is not bad too if not better than Aeron. Aeron has 12 years non-transferrable warranty if you buy from authorized dealers only. Leap has lifetime warranty for frame and structural components, 10 years for seating mechanism, and 5 years for the cushion.

All online authorized dealers charge around $799 for version 2 of this chair (you can get the version 1 for $699 or less), but I managed to find Office Environments which offers 10% instant discount on checkout; plus the online options to totally build custom Leap chair. My projection is I’ll receive this in about 2 weeks. If you’re interested in Leap, there’ll be price increase from the manufacturer on April 1st (some authorized dealers actually put this notification on their sites). I don’t think it’s a bogus marketing trick, because they’re authorized dealers.


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  1. I bought an Aeron Chair from they are pricey, but fantastic. wouldn’t trade mine for any other office chair.

  2. Also, i found useful before i purchased my aeron chair. they don’t actually sell the chairs on that site, but there’s a ton of helpful information about them.

  3. Just got the Leap chair and it’s amazing. I test the Aeron, Mira and Cella but there the Leap came out on top. At the end of the day it’s a personal preference but I would not by any chair without testing this one.

  4. we have different office chairs in the office and i love to use those office chairs with clothe cover :`,

  5. I am debating between the Leap and the Aeron. You are right, the posture fit on the Aeron really bumps up the price. I think I will probably go for the Leap V2. Seems to have the mid sized back cushion to support the shoulders as well.

    It’s easy to get a used Leap v1, but a little harder to get a reasonably prices used or refurbished v2. So gotta get on the hunt.

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