Howdy, welcome to my blog. My immediate life-goal is to make my first million-dollars, but I don’t think that’s an easy goal considering my current profession and my not-so-promising creativity. I am admiring people who use their right-brain rightfully and effectively, like my wife, my sex-guru, and the million-dollar-homepage guy. I hope my right hemisphere will spark some day and give birth to the next big thing, which eventually lead to my first million of course.

I am a near future career switcher from a nitpick (read: QA) to a code-smith. I work for a company called CA… (not an abbreviation anymore and use of its former long name is strictly prohibited to promote a healthy new brand and a reason to BELIEVE AGAIN). (EDIT: Ever since I wrote this page, I’ve come to a conclusion that to BELIEVE AGAIN is naive, and to move on is divine. Yes, I’ve moved on and accepted a post as full-time masochist at the #1 software company in the world – go figure)

My blog title (“The New Old Thing”) does not mean something deep nor philosophical. I was just trying to confuse you with Raymond Chen‘s blog and hope to get more traffics (DOH!). (EDIT: To honor my new allegiance, I feel compelled to change my blog title but haven’t found a catchy one. So any suggestions are appreciated)

I hope you find my blog interesting enough to read, although most of the stuffs I write are normally quite absurd to some people.

  1. I read your April 8th entry about your MacBook. I work for the government, and we have recently been given approval to have remote access from home to our work computers. We use Contivity VPN Client for Windows also, and before buying a new Mac, I wanted to make sure that it would run on a machine using XP through Bootcamp. It sounds like you’ve been able to get it to work…is this true? I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know how your experience has been.


    Diana Viggiano (diana.viggiano@gmail.com)

  2. I used one of your flickr photos for our news story this evening and I wanted to make sure that I properly credit you for this. Here is a link to the story:


    Can you please look at the photo of yours and let me know what I should use as the caption to credit you properly for your photo?

    Thank you,
    Joseph Stabb
    Internet Content Producer

    2077 Elmwood Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14207

    P: 716-874-4410 x294
    E: joe.stabb@wivb.com
    W: http://www.wivb.com or http://www.cw23.com

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