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Brace Yourself for Nyxem Virus

From ZDNet, here are the facts for the next big worm to hit us:

  • The Nyxem virus was first reported on 16 January. These machines are now hard-coded to propagate the virus on 3 February.
  • Nyxem propagates itself by harvesting e-mail addresses on an infected machine and as a network worm. Hence more additional emails and network traffics, and possible slow down e-mail response time.
  • Nyxem will delete all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF file types from a compromised PC.

So brace yourself, update your Antivirus signature, and don’t be gullible by opening those socially engineered e-mails. Like the T-Shirt said: “Social Engineering: because there’s no patch for human stupidity”, therefore don’t be stupid.


Who’s Clicking Who?

A new wave of cybercrime has arrived: click-fraud. As you know, Google AdSense is way to attract web traffic and potential customers to your site. You pay Google a few cents for every referral from your Google ads. Unfortunately, we’re living in the days where friends are rare and competition is fierce; so your unscrupulous competitor started to think creatively: “wait the minute, how about if we keep tapping on our competitor’s ads, that would certainly cost them money, wouldn’t it?” Creative indeed, and soon they’ll probably come up with an automated bot to do the clicking for them. This kind of click fraud is intended to destroy the enemies, even at the expense of more revenue for Google.

But click-fraud also took its tool on Google. As you know, Google also offers a way for you to make money from your site by hosting the AdSense. The more ad clicks fueled by your site, the more money you’re making. Obviously, human beings are born to be greedy. So┬áthe site owner started to┬ácommit click-fraud (by clicking the ads they’re hosting) too in order to reap more money from Google.

John Carreras, who was a victim of this click-fraud scheme has decided to make a difference, and so “Who’s Clicking Who?” was born. That’s good, but it’ll be better if the protection for AdSense customers came from Google themselves, right?

ZDNet Tech Prophecies For 2006

Speaking about prophecy, ZDNet recently published a fairly interesting tech prophecies for 2006, check it out and share what you think about it!